A music rant, just because…

There is just something absolutely euphoric about discovering a new band. That excitement and anticipation as you listen to the songs in sequence on their album. As each song speaks to you, relates to you, makes you feel something,  either what you are feeling now or Imagehave felt before. It is magical, and that one song can turn a bad day into a good day. Even if it’s just something simple as knowing that this artist has at some point, felt what you are feeling, you suddenly realize that you are not alone, and that in itself makes you feel better.

When I see an artist perform live, that’s usually for me when they become a favourite of mine. Some artists sound better  live than they do on their albums. It’s real talent when youImage can  not only  write music, but perform it as well. Being able to engage with an audience that is singing along to the songs that you have written. In that moment, you have something in common with your audience, you both can relate to the song that you have produced.

I can only imagine the feeling that a musician must have when a room full of people can sing back the lyrics that you wrote for a song or tell you that the song that you wrote really spoke to them and has helped them in some way.

Just a quick rant of thoughts that I had haha as I was sitting here trying the complete the endless pile of homework that the end of the semester so graciously brings my way. You know what helps me get through it? Plugging in my ear phones and listening to some of my favourite bands. I usually see how much work I can get done once an album has finished, it makes the workload seem less painful 😉

I want to know, are there any bands out there that have really “spoken” to you with their music?


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